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Strong Forked Lug Chains for Long Runtimes

FörderTec – Optimum Performance due to Special Welding Procedures

The conveyor chain is the decisive factor for the functionality of each bulk material conveyor system. Only if this conveyor chain can cope with the high strains can a conveyor system run economically. For this reason, FörderTec use a welding and production procedure for conveyor chains which is far superior to the quality and lifetime of normal chains. These forked lug chains are suitable for any application, even in the most adverse conditions.

High-quality materials and special processing methods make our conveyor chains so stable and fail-safe:

Advantage 1: The welding procedure:
Flash-butt welding procedures guarantee a long lifetime. In addition, chain link bolt carbide inserts protect against wear during material conveyance.

Advantage 2: The material:
Utilisation of high-quality materials

  • Case hardening steel 16 MnCr 5 – 1.7131
  • Tempered steel 42 CrMo 4 – 1.7225
  • Special material available on request

Advantage 3: Individual sizes:
The forked lug chain can be adapted to the trough widths and is therefore suitable for any bulk material

  • Spacing: FörderTec chains are produced in the standard spacing of 142 mm; any other spacing is of course possible
  • Fork width: The normal design is sufficient for many bulk materials; the reinforced version has improved stability even at extreme loads
  • Driver shapes: The utilisation of 6 different driver forms provides the perfect solution for any conveyed materials, the line guidance on the troughed chain conveyor and for the required conveying capacity.

Ask about the individual chain production to suit your requirements!

FörderTec – Efficiency Guaranteed from the Manufacturing Plant

Chain solutions from FörderTec are produced by us in our own plant using highly modern machinery. In this way we are able to react rapidly and flexibly to each of your specific requirements for chains and systems. The bulk material to be transported is a major factor when constructing an optimum system with a problem-free process flow. Each type of bulk material requires individual adaptation, whether filter cakes, damp or smelly sludges, wood chips, waste wood, biomass or chippings, ash; in hot, wet or dry form, coal or plaster.

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