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FörderTEC GmbH

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FörderTec - Now and for the future

FörderTec- Security due to rapidity and delivery guarantee

Gütesigel FörderTecFörderTec systems and components generally work without malfunctions and in continuous operation due to their construction and the high quality materials used. However, if required we can get to you quickly and supply you immediately with the component you need. In this way we can reduce your downtimes to a minimum. And because FörderTec systems are subject to very few malfunctions, we can continue to guarantee you problem-free delivery of spare parts long into the future.

  • Rapid delivery of spare parts and parts subject to wear
  • Qualified specialists for installation
  • Project supervision for operating optimisation

Long delivery guarantee on components such as

  • Chain links
  • Chain link bolts in various designs
  • Chain drive parts, shear sprockets, pinions, shear pins, transmission chains
  • Drive sprockets with replaceable segments
  • Deflection rollers, with and without segment parts
  • Manganese rails
  • Mechanical parts such as bearings, springs, glands, seals, shafts (drive or deflection rollers)

FörderTec – We're Here For You

FörderTec GmbH
Carl-Benz-Straße 1
66773 Schwalbach Hülzweiler (Germany)
Telefon: +49 6831 - 89 306 80
Telefax: +49 6831 - 89 306 88