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New operation technologies for the wet deasher

FörderTec GmbH, one of the most innovative manufacturers of troughed chain conveyor systems for bulk materials, has taken on the construction of wet deashers for the companies Glunz Horn, EIH Heusweiler, Mochenwangen Papier and a chipboard plant in Austria. The systems are already in operation. The orders included not only the construction but also the planning, the individual design of the systems for the bulk material to be transported and the deinstallation of the old plant.

In this case, the transport material for the FörderTec troughed chain conveyor is slag/ash resulting from combustion and cooled in an enclosed water basin prior to transport.

Project Manager Jessica Göldnitz supervised and monitored the projects from the start, from the on-site measurement to all levels of manufacture in the Hülzweiler plant, and the on-site acceptance procedure with the customer.

As Jessica Göldnitz has confirmed, the biggest problem on standard wet deashers is that floating parts can wedge themselves into the conveyor chain as the mechanical parts for the terminal lie outside the water.

When the conveyor chain dips back into the water basin, cooled pieces of slag located on the floor or the surface of the water can cause transport problems. This leads time and again to downtimes when the chain is blocked or even breaks.

Using new ideas and innovative technologies, FörderTec has managed to solve this problem and constructs systems in which the terminals are welded to make them waterproof, meaning that they can remain within the water basin. In this way the chain runs completely under water and cannot be hindered by floating parts. This is intended to increase operating safety and reliability in the area of the conveyor systems. This new system reduces downtimes to a minimum. FörderTec troughed chain conveyor systems also use stable components such as forked lug chains which are far superior to normal chains due to a special welding process. FörderTec troughed chain conveyor systems are used daily in the most adverse conditions. Our customers also run their systems 24 hours per day.

"We shall continue to carry out further innovations in our wet deashers and develop them so that all bulk materials in the field of hot goods transports can be moved without any problems" says Jessica Göldnitz.

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