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FörderTEC GmbH

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High-performance Troughed Chain Conveyor Systems for Bulk Material Transports

FörderTec – Systems Delivered as Turnkey Solutions

Advice, planning, project management, design, production, installation and commissioning - as a full-service partner, we can offer you complete solutions. Our aim: to provide the perfect conveyor system for your company. Our years of experience and focus on bulk material transport mean that you can rely on highest quality standards and strong services. We are able to offer you economic solutions which are also viable for you long-term. FörderTec systems pay off within a very short time. Top technology and the use of high-quality materials guarantee longer utilisation times and therefore less downtimes and maintenance work during your bulk material transports. We would be happy to convince you using efficiency calculations from existing FörderTec systems.

FörderTec – Systems for All Bulk Materials

  • Filter cake
  • Sludges
  • Wood chippings, waste wood, biomass, wood chips
  • Ash and slag; also as hot goods transport
  • Coal
  • Plaster, cement
  • Other bulk materials on request

FörderTec – Systems for Horizontal, Inclined and Vertical Operation

  • FörderTec troughed chain systems with better transport technology work fail-safe and reliably in horizontal position as well as in any other tilt angle - up to 90° vertical operation
  • FörderTec bulk material systems are designed so that even hot goods transports with a core temperature of 1000° are perfectly possible using air or water cooling.
  • Circular conveyance at horizontal and vertical levels; any number of feeding and discharge points can be arranged
  • Dust, water and pressure-resistant design
  • No lubrication points within the conveyor
  • Discharge and dosage takes place in completely enclosed systems
  • Mainly self-supporting construction
  • Construction of the entire range of products as a modular system
  • Conveying capacity can be individually adjusted to the conveyed materials and requirements

FörderTec – System Delivery Program

  • Turnkey conveyor systems
  • Forked lug chains
  • Own production using highly modern machinery
  • Worldwide spare parts and accessories service
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Silo systems as supplement to systems developed by FörderTec

FörderTec – We're Here For You

FörderTec GmbH
Carl-Benz-Straße 1
66773 Schwalbach Hülzweiler (Germany)
Telefon: +49 6831 - 89 306 80
Telefax: +49 6831 - 89 306 88