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FörderTEC GmbH

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FörderTec – The Most Modern Conveyor Technology for Any Bulk Solids


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FörderTec is your competent partner for all aspects of modern bulk material goods conveyance. Individuality is our great strength. Whether in the planning and realisation of conveyor systems or in the production of high-capacity forked lug chains; whether with rapid lead times for spare and accessory parts or with our qualified maintenance and repair service - everything will be adapted to you and your company's particular requirements.

Long years spent collecting know-how and developing improved components mean that FörderTec are able to develop efficient solutions which can guarantee your company maximum flexibility and economic efficiency. FörderTec products are used daily worldwide in the most demanding of conditions. Rapid service and qualified support ensure optimum system utilisation. FörderTec increases capacity and efficiency when conveying any bulk material. Simply ask us for your individual FörderTec solution. We would be happy to advise you in more detail!...

FörderTec – Our Scope of Services

  • Advice, planning, project management, production, installation and service for all fields of bulk material conveyance
  • Extremely stable drop-forged forked lug chains with 142 mm spacing, especially developed for bulk materials
  • Complete troughed chain conveyor plant construction
  • Rapid spare parts and accessories delivery and long-term delivery guarantee
  • Special services such as maintenance, repairs, conversions and modernisation for existing bulk material conveyor systems

FörderTec – Used in all Branches

  • Chemical Industry
  • Dust removal systems, mechanical and electrical
  • Metallurgical industry, steel industry
  • Chipboard industry and sawmills
  • Industrial boiler systems for wood, coal, waste and sludge
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Coal power station systems
  • Refuse incineration systems
  • Paper industry
  • Cement industry

FörderTec – The Troughed Chain Conveyor Principle for Bulk Materials

  • Conveyance of bulk materials of all kinds in a fixed, enclosed trough with endless stable forked lug chain
  • Dust, water and pressure-resistant construction
  • Use of different chain version for different bulk materials
  • Discharge and dosage takes place in completely enclosed systems
  • Accident-proof and extremely durable in any tilt angle up to vertical operation at 90°
  • Conveying capacity can be individually adjusted to the conveyed materials and requirements
  • The entire range of products is constructed as a modular system

FörderTec – Individually Adapted for any Bulk Material

FörderTec is able to provide the perfect transport solution for any bulk material: coarse-grained or flaky, powdery or clumped, wet or scorching hot. Here are some examples of bulk materials:

  • Sticky filter cakes or damp and smelly sludges
  • Wood chips, waste wood, biomass or chippings
  • Hot goods such as ash and inflammable substances, transported in wet deashers
  • Coal
  • Plaster from the cement industry

Do you have other bulk materials to transport? We are happy to help you find a suitable transport solution.

FörderTec – Competent Engineering for Every Requirement

  • Individual solutions developed for your company
  • Economic efficiency from the start due to high utilisation capacities and availability
  • Fail-safe due to the use of particularly high-quality materials
  • Highest quality standards with special welding procedures in flash-butt welding processes during chain production

FörderTec – A Qualified Team for Conveyor Technology

  • Our conveyor technology specialists will plan your system solution for you and in collaboration with you.
  • Planning, construction and production are carried out all together in our own plant.
  • Problem solutions are determined on-site by our specialist installation team

FörderTec – We're Here For You

FörderTec GmbH
Carl-Benz-Straße 1
66773 Schwalbach Hülzweiler (Germany)
Telefon: +49 6831 - 89 306 80
Telefax: +49 6831 - 89 306 88