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Conveyor chains

The conveyor chain is the decisive factor for the functionality of each bulk goods conveyor system. The conveyor system can only be operated efficiently, if this conveyor chain withstands the high loads. Therefore, FörderTec uses a welding and production method for conveyor chains that is far superior to normal chains with respect to quality and durability. These forked lug chains are suitable for any application, even under the toughest of conditions.
All forked lug chains are produced in our factory. We can react quickly and flexibly to each of your specific requirements. We are prepared for any eventuality – broken chain, emergency failure, system standstill.

Forked lug chains

High-quality materials and special finishing methods make our conveyor chains extremely stable and fail-safe:

Typ: T
Typ: B / BEH
Typ: U
Typ: C (0)
Typ: G (00)
Typ: DB / DBEH

Advantage 1: The welding method

The flash-butt welding method guarantees longer durability. The weld-on cams of the pins of the chain link also protect against wear when material is being transported.

Advantage 2: The material

Use of high-quality materials

  • Case hardening steel 16MnCr 5 – 1.7131
  • Q & T steel 42CrMo 4 – 1.7225
  • Special materials on request

Advantage 3: Individual sizes

The forked lug chain can be adjusted to the trough widths and is therefore suitable for any bulk good – either as a single line or dual-line solution.


Our conveyor chains are produced with a standard spacing of 142 mm, any other spacing is, of course, possible.

Fork width

The normal model is sufficient for many bulk goods; in the reinforced version, improved stability is reached even under extreme loads.

Driver shapes

The use of 6 different driver forms provides the perfect solution for any conveyed materials, the line guidance on the trough chain conveyor and for the required conveying capacity.

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