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Spare parts

Thanks to their design and the use of high-quality materials, FörderTec systems and components usually work continuously without malfunctions. If, in exceptional cases, a problem does occur, we can visit you quickly and supply the required parts immediately. In this way we can keep your downtimes to a minimum. And because FörderTec systems are so reliable, we also guarantee problem-free delivery of spare parts for a long time.

Extensive delivery guarantee for parts such as:

  • Chain links
  • Connecting pins in various models
  • Chain drive parts, linkage wheels, pinions, shear bolts, roller chains
  • Chain drive sprockets, with replaceable segments
  • Pulleys, with and without segment parts
  • Manganese rails
  • Mechanical parts such as pedestal bearings / flange bearings, tension springs, glands, seals, drive shafts or pulleys

Overhauling and repair

Not every system needs to be replaced completely; overhauling individual components can also be worthwhile. After a visit on site, we can tell you specifically which parts are required, so that you can schedule the potential downtime for the overhauling or dismantling work precisely. We not only offer support for our own systems, but also for systems of other makes.

We can also renovate your screw shafts “in particular if parts of the screw trough are still well-preserved and do not require modernisation”. Partial overhauls allow us to help you keep your downtimes and repair times very short.

  • Fast delivery of spare and wear parts
  • Qualified specialist for installation
  • Project support to optimise operations

Parts can be overhauled such as:

  • Screw conveyors
  • Trough chain conveyor external makes / modification to Fördertec standard possible
  • Crushers
  • Individual parts